About us

fab·u·la \ ˈfabyələ \
• Comes from the Latin word fabula (-æ, f.), which means a narrative or a story.
• The name is used for the summarised retelling of a literary work. In the fabula, important details are used to describe the work in order to help the listener shape his own image of its heroes and events.

As the definition itself says, FABULA means story - your story. When describing or communicating your product, service or brand, we will use important details that will help the listener or customer shape an image of that work - your brand. The idea of FABULA is creative marketing; a concise, targeted branded product. From the very beginning, the initial conversation, over the climax of a strategically planned project, to the resolution, that is, the implementation of the product. And we all know that some endings are just the beginnings ... FABULA will highlight the essence of your story; your brand will be given its name, voice, visual appearance and communication skills - all the elements that a brand needs to be recognised and effective.

Everyone has their own FABULA. If you want to share yours with the world, you are in the right place.

Mladenka Tomić
Marko Perožić
Nikolina Podnar Erceg
Tena Ružić
Anis Galijatović
Denia Krivičić
Josipa Manjgotić
Tina Hekić



When you need creative ideas, strategic positioning, a new perspective and an innovative approach – who are you going to call? FABULA. After a thorough exploration of your brand, areas of activity, your digital and offline environment, we create a strategy that is based on long-term goals, targeted markets and audiences. Years of experience working with companies across a wide range of activities have provided us with the knowledge and experience that allows us to create a worthy strategy for your brand.


Each design is part of a story; from the selection of fonts, colours, shapes, functions or their positions. Design is a way of experiencing emotions, conveying your and your brand’s personality. Based on market and public research, we create solutions that are intuitive to users, so that your brand can get the visual communication it deserves.


A good idea creates good content. Good content attracts targeted audiences. A targeted audience enjoys your brand. You enjoy watching your brand grow. If the content is good, it doesn’t matter whether you want the cover of a best-selling newspaper or a static Facebook banner. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large budget. A maximum of 140 characters is enough for us. It's important that your audience laughs, feels special, clever, sad... Convey an emotion, start a dialogue. Good content will make your brand interactive. And happy!

• Online/Offline advertisment
• Media buying
• Consulting and strategy
• Copywriting

• Social networks
• Graphic design
• Branding
• Rebranding

• Packaging design
• UX/UI design
• Web/App design
• Audio and video production