infocov, sveučilište u rijeci infocov, sveučilište u rijeci



University of Rijeka, Department of informatics




Visual identity Web design

InfoCoV is a research project of the Department of informatics of University od Rijeka. Its aim is the analysis and characterisation of the information spreading through the social media during the COVID-19 pandemics. The research implements the methods and approaches in the field of processing the natural language, deep learning and analysis of the social networks.

During the pandemics we have collaborated with the researchers from the University, working on the utmost actual project - the fight against COVID-19. The task of the agency was the creation of the visual identity of the project that needs to be modern, warn about the seriousness of the situation and emphasise the relevancy of the whole project. In addition to the visual identity, it was necessary to create a simple, effective and functional website that will inform the public about the project and inform about its progress and results.

The creation of visual identity

Through the minimalist approach and the selection of a simple typography we achieved the readability and visibility of the project name whilst managing to emphasise it through different font styles. The typographic component of the logo was additionally upgraded with the sign of the world presented in a 3D shape and a circle symbolising the news and/or infection spreading. We found our visual inspo in the interactive charts and maps which enable the following of the virus spreading.

infocov, sveučilište u rijeci
infocov, sveučilište u rijeci
infocov, sveučilište u rijeci infocov, sveučilište u rijeci
infocov, sveučilište u rijeci infocov, sveučilište u rijeci

Website design

On clients request, InfoCoV web site is driven by a CMS Wordpress accompanied by custom adjustments and visual elements according to the graphic solutions of the project. The home page uses a visual particle element indicating the complexity of the networked space, a central theme of the clients project and at the same providing the user a sense of participating in the creation of that network. The additional distinctiveness of this website is enhanced through different design templates, for every page in the category. The web site utilises accessibility plug-ins allowing to change the size, invert the colour and listen the audio recordings of the selected content available in English and Croatian.

infocov, sveučilište u rijeci infocov, sveučilište u rijeci

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