draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet
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Wine bar in Mošćeničkoj Dragi




draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet

Situated in Mošćenička Draga, right on the promenade, this wine bar and shop of traditional products needed a brand able to invite on a delightful glass of quality wine and a pleasant chitchat. The wish of the owner was to differentiate from other local bars and other lookalike offers present in Mošćenička Draga. To put it simple - they wanted a place like no other.

Verbal identity

Designing a verbal identity, we came up with a conceptual solution of the brand name that will include both the wine bar and the shop and will set the direction for the design.

The naming Draga moja/My Dear, is intended as a beginning of a letter or a conversation. With these kind words we wanted to emphasise the intimate atmosphere of the place while the use of the comma at the end was intended to provoke curiosity and leave the concept opened - we have started it, it is up to you to finish it. The name itself is very poetic and it suits the place: good food, top quality wine, local/genuine products, sunset, the sound of a guitar…

On the other hand, the naming, aside it evokes the love towards a dear woman, it also evokes the love towards the homeland, that is the place where it is located.

draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet

In order to make a distinction of the brand according to the services it offers, we added a name signature Wine & Dine for a wine bar with tapas offer and Gastro Boutique for a shop of traditional products.

Brand personality

We also added a brand personality to our verbal identity, which we characterised as a contemporary Mediterranean. A space of constant contacts, touches, mixing people, cultures, traditions. It is described by a unique Mediterranean way of life, a specific landscape and diverse multiple identities. Warm stone, olive wood, the sound of the sea, the smell of aromatic herbs, kind people - good food and top quality wine.

draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet
draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet

Visual identity

The visual identity of the brand was a logic upgrade of the conceptual solution of verbal identity. The typography was made in calligraphy style so the logo would reminisce the beginning of the letter.

The colours of the brand are adjusted to the nature, the natural fabrics and the colour of wine. The identity of the brand was fitted in the visual communication - the experience of the war summer day at dusk, while the last sun rays illuminate the aromatic herbs and create soft shadows. This game of the shadows evokes the experience of the end of the day with the pleasure of drinking the wine, enjoying the scents of the mediterranean herbs and talking to your loved one.

draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet
draga moja, branding, verbalni identitet

In order to complete the concept and encourage users to interact, we created a series of accompanying materials that creatively encourage people to continue the story Draga moja, (My Dear,) - such as coasters that resemble old postcards where you can leave your warm note.

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